Planning a Make Best Place to Your Outdoor Kitchen

This day an outdoor kitchen is most popular design kitchen especially if you like a barbecue party, it seem amazing if you applied an outdoor kitchen to your own kitchen. Just Imagine you have an outdoor kitchen and make barbecue party with pool as center of your party. I think that is a better style to combining outdoor kitchen with pool. Your house like supply for the culinary station.

Cool Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Awesome Kitchen Outdoor Cabinets

Elegance Kitchen Outdoor Ideas

So, you can have a kitchen that has a great design in your outdoor cooking and entertaining process. Compared your existing backyard and your design outdoor kitchen, how it will look.

Make sure your kitchen is comfortable when you cooking. You can add an attached pergola or another overhand structure to cover from rain and snow. But if you add the roof ensure it is near the end in order to smoke will be trapped. Make your kitchen facing a north wall instead of a warmer south facing wall.

For save the space you have to eliminate wasted steps. Think carefully where you will put your kitchen item. The plate, glass, bowls maybe can you place on the cabinet. Don’t put outside because it will be dirty. Remember to keep clean all kitchen’s tool because it is easly soiled. Also notice where is you put the cooktop. Keep the cooktop from the kids, don’t put on the traffic in order to the kids not cause spills when running throught.

For the safety from fire make sure yout heat producing equiptment must at least 10 feet from the house. The Kitchen should get adequate lighting. Do not make the kitchen look dark and creepy, it was very uncomfortable.