Kitchen Paint Color Ideas

Choosing paint colors for the kitchen could spend a long time because the color in the kitchen greatly affect our mood. Kitchen Paint color make diferences of your choice in kitchen style. The red color is synonymous with warm colors have an effect giving the appetite to the viewer because basically red color can stimulate human nerve. Of course this color is suitable for application in your kitchen. Red also increases the circulation of blood and itself.
Start your day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast, start your day from the kitchen. Start the day with great energy, and start giving the white color on your kitchen as white energize a room. The color is bright and clean gives an aura of freedom and openness. In addition it also creates the impression of a sterile white. However, too much white can give a lot of headaches and eyestrain because the reflected light. Give a combination of dark colors to give a new accent.

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Gray is a neutral color which is very convenient for application in your kitchen wall. Gray also provide a sense of comfort and cozy, although basically gray is the cool color categories. Combination of gray color or black and white is perfect and eye-catching. You can add a cabinet or countertop with a slightly darker color as a sweetener color. It could also be the opposite, use gray as various cabinet and here you are. it’s also not a bad idea.

The blue color is highly recommended for ceilings and walls of the kitchen. Blue also has an effect similar to a red color that stimulates the appetite. The blue color gives the effect of calm and refreshing. This color also improve verbal expression, communication, artistic expression and strength. Strong blue (dark blue) will stimulate clear thinking and light blue will calm the mind and helps concentration. If you choose a dark blue as the dominant color of your kitchen, turn white or other bright colors to offset the deep blue color.

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Green is also the best choice for your kitchen. Green is considered a calming and relaxing color. This color can help people who often feel tense. Green will balance the emotions, creating openness between you and others. This color is also associated with the heart chakra that is believed to help emotional problems, such as love, trust, and compassion. The green color is perfect in combination with white color and material from wooden.

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Yellow is very suitable for those who have a small room. Yellow has the influence to provide peace and make people feel comfortable and happy in the kitchen. The opposite of red and blue, the yellow color is synonymous with hunger. Yellow is a bright color that can attract a lot of attention. Yellow color stimulates various body functions, such as the flow of bile and the workings of the heart.

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