Dining Room Furniture Design Ideas

The dining room has become one of the favorite places for a family and guests. A place to share stories, discussions, jokes, and of course to eat a delicious meal. The dining room can also be a place to celebrate an event and perhaps a party. A heart of the house, which certainly will require a lot of attention when choosing furniture and decoration.

The first thing to consider is the dining table. Promptly select and specify the table you want to put in your dining room. If your family are numerous or a large family, then choose a table with a large capacity. A dining table that can accommodate at least 8 people. Note also the area of the room you have. Consider extension of your dining tables that have smaller sized for everyday meals but grow to a accommodate more guests for special occasions. If you already fix in choosing a dining table, soon look for the appropriate chairs. We can buy a pair at the dinner table, but you can buy separately. All according to your taste. Combining table chairs will add an aesthetic value. Look for chairs with the same shape but a different color, this style is suitable for fans of eclectic. Table with the material of the glass is also a major recommendation for the owner of the small dining room. Style dominated by the glass will cause broader effects.

Consider your eating table height. You can be casual and relaxed by adjusting the height of tables and chairs as needed. Add some kitchen bar and counter stools for a more modern and elegant. Extra Hight Stool and counter with metal material fits perfectly with the modern style. But keep in mind not everyone is comfortable to sit on a stool and counter stool. Children and people who have high mobility perhaps not fit the style of this bar. Use standard tables and chairs for families with children – children and high mobility.

Installation and pendant chandelier over the dining table will add a sense of romantic, elegant, and luxurious. Chandelier has a luxurious feel to your dining room is more pronounced.

Last but not least, check re storage section dining room. Do not be too focused on the dining table and chairs but note also the cabinet, closet, and a buffet. Open cabinet style is also very suitable for those who want to see the room look more spacious.

Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

You want a new chair for your kitchen? you want to enhance your kitchen chairs? You want a new style on your chair but with a low cost ?. Reupholstering chairs kitchen is the answer to it all. Solutions to get the “new chairs” with a better design without the cost of expensive. Creating your old chair to be more comfortable, more fresh, and of course make a new atmosphere for your room.

The first thing that must be considered in reupholster is to determine the patterns and designs on chair. Make sure the design you are using patterned or solid colors only. You can visited a fabric store or shopping online to get the fabric that suits your taste. Make sure the fabric you use later in accordance with the theme of the room. Do not forget the size of the fabric you need, if you buy at the store then it does not matter because they will help you get the right size.

Prepare tools that will support to reupholster your chair. Hammer, screwdriver, nails, measuring tape, staples, etc. After determining which fabric you will use to reupholster your old chair, the preparation was completed. Remove the fabrics attached to your chair, do not forget to remove the screw that is on chair. Notice also the existing frame in your chair, if it is still good then continue but if the frame has been ugly and not worth, better you do repainted and repairs.

The next phase is to check your padding. Padding with bad condition it is not comfortable to sit on. Replace it with a new batting. thick batting is a good idea for you because you will get a softer chair. Use a stapler to fasten batting, you can use a glue but is not recommended because it is easily loose if using glue. If the batting is mounted to cover cut liner chair according to the size of your batting. To more easily adjust the size of your new cover with the size of your old cover.

Your new cover should match the size of your chair. An important note for you who use a patterned motif, look at your chair throughout. Once you have finished close the cover on the back, check pattern on the front and sides of chair. Make sure it is appropriate and symmetrical pattern so that existing designs on the fabric does not mess. If the already finished with the pattern, stitch the edges of chair so that the fabric remains neat and not frayed.

So for the conclusion, there are 8 steps to reupholster dining chair :

  1. Remove the Seats from the Chair.
  2. Remove the Old Fabric
  3. The New Material
  4. Attaching the New Material
  5. Attaching the Corners
  6. Adding Piping Around the Edge
  7. Attaching the Cover
  8. The Final Product

Make sure the cover fabric is ready, then you can do the last stage in reupholster your kitchen chairs. Replace your chair frame and do it slowly.

Tips Making Best Storage Kitchen Ideas

Kitchen storage is one solution to create a tidy kitchen. You can save the cooking equipment in a storage that has been designed for your kitchen. Placement tools and good organization for all stuff in the kitchen to make your kitchen look clean and shiny in the same time. For you who have a small kitchen and not enough space to store your kitchen equipment, do not worry. We will give you a reference on how to make storage room efficiently.

Take advantage of all the space in the kitchen. If you have a little space on the wall, but not enough to make the cabinet, you can add a pair of floating shelves for hanging mugs, glass, or hand towels. so kitchen storage is not always focused on the cabinet and cupboard but we could shift to different ways

Kitchen storage have so many style anda installation way. Choice carefully what style would you apply to get effective and efficien use of the space. Make your design suitable with your kitchen. Some things to consider when you want to make kitchen storage such as,

1. Place
Choose place according to the type of storage that you created. Make sure you do not make too big storage if you only have a small space. Site selection is highly dependent type of storage to be used, so that the first point is closely related to the second point

2. Kind of Storage
The type of storage you use must be adjusted to place in your kitchen. Such as already described in the first point, adjust the place with the kind of storage you use in your kitchen. Put a storage bottom of pit if you have undersink drawer type. Or maybe you prefer the type of corner drawer, then you put the right storage at the corner of the kitchen.

3. Material
Use materials with the best materials. If you prefer wood for basic materials, use a type of wood that is not getting rotten if scalded. As with the material of the metal, the price is more expensive than wood, but metals can last longer than wood.

4. Installation
You can hire a professional person to this installation process. Prices are expensive but the quality is assured for good. In addition, you can also DIY Project. Two of these ways depends on yourself and kind of of storage you’ll use.

5. Maintenance
The last thing you should look in the kitchen storage is maintenance. Regular maintenance must be done to maintain the durability of kitchen storage. No matter how good material you use, all will be useless if it is not treated as possible

Consider the 5 points above. We hope thereby you can make a kitchen storage as you would expect. In addition, if you are interested in trying to make an outdoor kitchen, you can see in Planning a Best Place to Make Your Outdoor Kitchen. There you will dibrikan tips and tricks on how to make outdoor kitchen efficiently.

L-Shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen with L-shaped kitchen design is the solution to maximizing kitchen space. This kitchen design can transform your odd angle kitchen into beautiful kitchen and effective with easy way to do a cooking activity. L-shaped kitchen design can be used in large kitchens and small kitchen. The L-shaped kitchen design in the corner of the room with coated countertops and cabinets.

L shaped kitchen can be used for small to large-size kitchen but this design is recommended for small to medium sized kitchens. That’s because L-kitchen can save space, it takes only one wall only to design the L-kitchen. Usually L-kitchen display cabinets and various of other cooking equipment such as stoves, mixers, microcave, etc. L-kitchen can be combined with the kitchen island are very useful for preparation of cooking and additional storage. L-kitchen design is very effective when using the method of open counter space with a pass-through to the dining room or living room that will serve to make the room look more spacious. Design L-shaped kitchen is a design that is very interesting and unique. L-shaped kitchen design also makes it easy for homeowners to clean.

One thing that is important in a kitchen is about the “work triangle” and by using the L-shaped kitchen design then you can maintain the work triangle, especially for those who are very fond of cooking. Work triangle refers to the distance in the kitchen making efficient relationship between key elements of the kitchen which is stove, refrigerator and sink. Each kitchen has always maintained the 3 main keys by various versions. If you want your kitchen meremodel using style L-shaped kitchen with a unique design, it may be advisable to keep making efforts to maintain the “work triangle”.

The distinctive feature of the L-shaped kitchen design is to use one or two adjacent walls in the design. Some L-shaped kitchen use both to maximize their walls, the cabinet will be placed at the top and at the bottom. But there is also using only one wall and open countertop in the L-kitchen especially for those who have a small room. Weaknesses in the design of L-kitchen one wall is that you will sacrifice the extra storage space located at the upper cabinet. But instead you will benefit obtain more space to create a flow between the rooms in the house.

Usually for the external facing wall of an L-shaped kitchen design. It is intended to simplify the cooking features and ease in cleaning, especially the sink. It also makes efficient design as the plumbing to accessibility in access and easy to clean when attached to the external wall facing. In addition you can also use other styles such as reconfigured the plumbing, so that sinks can be part of a kitchen island in a L-kitchen.

Kitchen Island Building Ideas

Kitchen Islands has many function that very usefull. The most important from kitchen island is it could be a anchor in the space. Because of it, many buyer want an island in their kitchen. It is not surprising because kitchen island could increase the functional and efficiency of the room.

Kitchen island has some anomaly rule than other kitchen. Usually, kitchen should be placed in the center of the room. Why center? therefore easier in accessible from all sides and not disturb by people walking though. Not all kitchen island can be applied by that rule such as kitchen island.

Keep your design simple in order to increase then amount of counter space. We can use that space to preparing the meal and also don’t have worry feel cramped if there are many people in the kitchen. Many benefit can we get if we have more counter space. But if you don’t have enough space of your kitchen island, just try adding low profile seating island. That metode can increase functional of the kitchen. We can confortable when we cook and also our meal could cooked better.

Keep it simple while adding value by using an island to significantly increase the amount of counter space in your kitchen. Having more counter space adds obvious benefits: more room for meal prep, multiple chefs and can serve as an eating area. Create contrast by using a different material or color for the island counters than you did in the rest of the room. If your regular countertops are white quartz, try black or a dark stained wood for the island. For the color just make a bold different. If you have white countertop, make your island to be black or dark brown.

We know that kitchen island creating more counter space, so we could use it to add more storage or cabinet room. We can put many kitchen tools to that cabinet. Besides looks neat kitchen will also clean and convenient to use. You can also use open shelving to show your antique tools or maybe your cookbooks.

Kitchen Windows Treatments for All Kitchen Style

Kitchen windows treatments is very important because kitchen is a room in the house that often do the job. So treatments must be considered against the windows because the air, the light, even the dust out through the window. Window coverings is one attempt to organize the three factors above. Window treatments and window coverings are both equally important.

Window treatments should be performed periodically to ensure there is no damage to your window. To perform these treatments do not need to be expensive to get great results. Some ideas to make your window treatments can combine to get a reference that fits you. Custom design, artistic design, unique design can be obtained by creating your own DIY projects.

There are three important things you should consider when wanting melakuka window treatments.

1. Sunlight Exposure
Protect your kitchen material from direct sunlight to prevent it from increasing the interior temperature. Exposed to direct sunlight in addition to harmful UVA and UVB rays, resulting in some of your equipment becomes dull and dry. Protect your kitchen from direct sunlight by putting up covering window. Quality window coverings that can filter out excessive sunlight coming into your kitchen. For complete control, try using covering window lined with a light-prohibiting layer. When the covering window are closed, the slats of the shutters and blinds (wood, vinyl, or metal) block the sun.

2. Privacy
Everyone needs privacy, including in your kitchen. It is not comfortable while cooking or prep, any strangers watching us from outside the home. Very terrible if in your kitchen there is only one woman. For that anticipated in choose a material that lets you see out but allow some daylight to pass while blocking views from the outside. You can try using a woven material atau sheefabric curtain panels.

3. Decoration
Nice and beautiful design is very important to liven up your kitchen. The windows and covering window are also included in it. On cover the window Try to use long curtains that offer bold colors and some patterns. Decorating using patterned fabric cover of the windows Also make good statement. Try using vertical window coverings if you are the owner of a window with a larger size. In terms of color, composition, and design you can customize with your own personality.

Modern Kitchen Designs Ideas

Trend kitchen by using modern kitchen design is rapidly increasing. Modern Kitchen Design this time revealing more bold angles and curves with andscape design. Various references and inspiration of homeowners coming from different aspects. Luxury and beautiful design can be obtained by combining some aspects, color, and design that we offer to you. Contemporary feel clear and very suitable to be applied in your kitchen as well as implemented in the apartment. Some examples of iridescence can assist you in choosing your concept of the modern kitchen. A combination of white with wooden interior is one of the latest design of this year which will give the effect of an elegant and modern look.
Adding accessories and various other equipment can build on a modern kitchen theme. Replace your cabinet doors with glass or laminate to create a more modern look. Use bold colors on the mixer, coffee maker, and other equipment to better show positively science fictional. Other kitchen equipment also can use bold colors to make it look modern touch. The addition of accessories such as chandeliers is compatible with modern design kitchen. No one denies that the chandelier is a symbol of modern and luxury.

If we speak about the traditional kitchen will certainly focus on natural material. All sorts of cabinets, countertops, flooring, furniture is also made of natural materials, from wood or from processed man-made. Things like that can be found in modern kitchen design. Style was modern but it does not mean it can not display the man-made material. Some examples exist in coutertop sgranite, hardwood floors, etc.

Floor with tile design style can affect the aesthetic value throughout the room. Use the clean lines and simple, do not use bold lines to give an elegant effect and so the room look more spacious. You can use granite for materials from backsplashes with add a little pattern. Backsplashes plain with bright colors can also be use as another option if you do not like patterned backsplashes.

Choose all kinds of furniture which is great in order to contribute in modern kitchen design. Use good material for your desk chair. Kitchen Bar and Counter Stool can be applied in modern kitchen design. Minimalist style bar definitely fits the modern style in your kitchen. Material of metal, wood, and plastic can be used as an option in using the material. Colors are bright and bold can be used to add a nice visual effect on your kitchen

All New White Kitchen Design

White is often associated with bright, goodness, purity, and holiness. This color is recommended as the color of ‘perfection’. Meaning white color is safe, pure, and clean. As opposed to black, white usually has positive connotations. The white color can symbolize success. Colors that very suitable to be applied in the kitchen, cabinets, cupboards, and various accessories in your kitchen. Your kitchen will look fresh and clean. Very harmonious combination if you combine the white color with a cream color. A wide range of open kitchen often uses white because besides look clean also fit for a number of kitchen layouts.

Affordable Kitchen Design Styles
Affordable Kitchen Design Styles

Kitchen with white dominant color is usually found on the countertop, cabinets, and flooring. Sometimes people use the white color in all the rooms. All Time white kitchen, one type of kitchen suitable for use in the middle of the city. Modern elegant and sporty also will appear when it goes into the kitchen. White kitchen is also very suitable to include wood color. Dark flooring and dark colored pattern can be one of your choice. Use a variety of accessories to beautify your kitchen. Chandeliers and paintings hanging with white color can also be used to enliven the kitchen.

Traditional kitchen, country kitchen, and contemporary kitchen is perfect if using white cabinets and white countertop made of garnite. White on the countertop will make your cooking area look bigger. It is very convenient when you are cooking and prep. Use open cabinet equipped with glass in front of it. Put various cookbooks, bowls, cups, and other small appliances behind glass. The kitchen will look nicer by adding backsplah with dark colors.

The important thing you need to remember before using white as the main color of your kitchen is a family activity levels. No matter if your family is the careful and patient. Another case when in your home many kids and too much activity in the kitchen. If it happens in your home, you may be better to use other colors.

Eclectic Kitchen Design Ideas

Amazing eclectic kitchen space has many element in the creating. The are combine of rustic style, cottage stayle, and also mediterranean style. There some of important element that combine to make eclectic space. In electic space you maybe should replace the shelves to cabinet in order showcase a dishes. If you have a large space, dont waste it. Just make some artistic style like make carving room out for a walk in pantry. But if you don’t have many space to do, you can create a walk through pantry in a hallway.

One of my fovorite style of eclectye is use tile to the ceiling. Mixed textures and element make it more awesome. Its looks like kitchen rustic with combine element of wood beand and marble make look more elegant. You can make your kitchen as like as a work space with distinctive surface. For example is the vintage subway tiles. The design provide more vintage look because of detailed of coffered ceiling.

Another style in eclectic kitchen is from stainless steel. Stainless steel with warm colored such as cheerrywood make the kitchen look warm and friendly. Put it the color on the cabinets and matte soapstone. Or maybe you can try the Scandinavian design. Pale color very dominan in this kitchen, that design more awesome if you combine delicate palette accented by metallic finishes adn warm fabrics. Maximize the effect of natural light to the wall for better color.

Kitchen with glass style make your kitchen more large. You can put the properties of your kitchen behind the glass cabinrt. Show yout stuff and let the other people seeing how amazinge stuff do you have. Combining the glass with the metal finishes also is good idea, you can put lighthing with artistic design above your kitchen make it more beauty. If you want a low budget, LED maybe can replace it.

Installing kitchen hood ideas

Putting in a brand new vary hood is an affordable and sensible solution to replace a kitchen. Right here’s what you’ll have to do:

Materials and Tools:

screw gun and screws
eye goggles and dust mask
reciprocating saw
nail gun
cutting blade
putty knife
finish nail gun and nails
rubber mallet
two wood blocks
fiberglass tape
drywall mud
wood glue
paint-grade plywood
square cut 1×2
island-style range hood
primer and paint


1. Take away present cupboard and vary hood. For our undertaking we’re additionally eradicating the soffit to open up the kitchen area. Demo the soffit with hammer and crowbar. You’ll want to put on eye safety and mud masks since there might insulation within the ceiling.

2. Decide the location of the brand new hood permitting for venting ducts and electrical necessities.

3. Extra ceiling framing could also be essential to assist the burden of the brand new island-style hood. Comply with the producer’s directions concerning framing specs.

4. Comply with producer’s directions to put in and vent the brand new vary hood.

5. Measure, reduce and screw drywall into place to cowl the opening the place the soffit was. Cowl seams with fiberglass tape then unfold the mud over the tape. Let the mud dry then sand till easy.

6. Prime and paint drywall