Dining Room Chandeliers Design

Brighten your dining room, living room and another room with beauty of chandeliers. the light in the dining room should be adjusted by the area and the amount of furniture or accessories in the room. Dining room chandeliers not only must give a light but must have to value of art. Chandelier can be symbolized as a luxury and elegance in a room. Add this luxury in your dining room with one of our dazzling chandeliers here at Destination Lighting.

Different Types of chandeliers many presented to you, things that must be considered is the type of chandeliers that match your dining room. Ornate crystal, swag light, mini chandeliers are examples of chandeliers that might fit your dining room. Or you prefer the traditional species such as candelabra chandelier that have structure a metal frame supporting several candlestick arms. Whatever type of chandelier you choose depends on your own personality. Chandelier give effect to the room a warm and friendly.

If we talk about chandelier so we will talk about luxurious. every things will be useless if you misplace and wrong selection of the type of chandeliers. Selection number of chandelier is also very important. For a small dining room chandelier should not put up with significant amounts, even if you do not like the dark, but it is not advisable to install a chandelier excessively. When shopping for a new chandelier, be sure to view its dimensions to get the best gauge of the fixture’s width, height and cable suspension length.

Choose a chandelier with a rather dim lighting if you want a romantic dinner with your mate. This chandelier types in addition to providing a romantic effect also adds a sense of intimacy with your mate. Conversely, if you want to have dinner with a large family or a casual dinner, choose a chandelier with a fairly bright lighting.

Finally, you can choose a variety of chandelier you want but must pay attention to the size of the dining room. Various types of new chandelier you can see in the New Design of Pendant Light for Kitchen Ideas. There you can select various types of new chandelier in the year.

Dining Room Furniture Design Ideas

The dining room has become one of the favorite places for a family and guests. A place to share stories, discussions, jokes, and of course to eat a delicious meal. The dining room can also be a place to celebrate an event and perhaps a party. A heart of the house, which certainly will require a lot of attention when choosing furniture and decoration.

The first thing to consider is the dining table. Promptly select and specify the table you want to put in your dining room. If your family are numerous or a large family, then choose a table with a large capacity. A dining table that can accommodate at least 8 people. Note also the area of the room you have. Consider extension of your dining tables that have smaller sized for everyday meals but grow to a accommodate more guests for special occasions. If you already fix in choosing a dining table, soon look for the appropriate chairs. We can buy a pair at the dinner table, but you can buy separately. All according to your taste. Combining table chairs will add an aesthetic value. Look for chairs with the same shape but a different color, this style is suitable for fans of eclectic. Table with the material of the glass is also a major recommendation for the owner of the small dining room. Style dominated by the glass will cause broader effects.

Consider your eating table height. You can be casual and relaxed by adjusting the height of tables and chairs as needed. Add some kitchen bar and counter stools for a more modern and elegant. Extra Hight Stool and counter with metal material fits perfectly with the modern style. But keep in mind not everyone is comfortable to sit on a stool and counter stool. Children and people who have high mobility perhaps not fit the style of this bar. Use standard tables and chairs for families with children – children and high mobility.

Installation and pendant chandelier over the dining table will add a sense of romantic, elegant, and luxurious. Chandelier has a luxurious feel to your dining room is more pronounced.

Last but not least, check re storage section dining room. Do not be too focused on the dining table and chairs but note also the cabinet, closet, and a buffet. Open cabinet style is also very suitable for those who want to see the room look more spacious.

Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

You want a new chair for your kitchen? you want to enhance your kitchen chairs? You want a new style on your chair but with a low cost ?. Reupholstering chairs kitchen is the answer to it all. Solutions to get the “new chairs” with a better design without the cost of expensive. Creating your old chair to be more comfortable, more fresh, and of course make a new atmosphere for your room.

The first thing that must be considered in reupholster is to determine the patterns and designs on chair. Make sure the design you are using patterned or solid colors only. You can visited a fabric store or shopping online to get the fabric that suits your taste. Make sure the fabric you use later in accordance with the theme of the room. Do not forget the size of the fabric you need, if you buy at the store then it does not matter because they will help you get the right size.

Prepare tools that will support to reupholster your chair. Hammer, screwdriver, nails, measuring tape, staples, etc. After determining which fabric you will use to reupholster your old chair, the preparation was completed. Remove the fabrics attached to your chair, do not forget to remove the screw that is on chair. Notice also the existing frame in your chair, if it is still good then continue but if the frame has been ugly and not worth, better you do repainted and repairs.

The next phase is to check your padding. Padding with bad condition it is not comfortable to sit on. Replace it with a new batting. thick batting is a good idea for you because you will get a softer chair. Use a stapler to fasten batting, you can use a glue but is not recommended because it is easily loose if using glue. If the batting is mounted to cover cut liner chair according to the size of your batting. To more easily adjust the size of your new cover with the size of your old cover.

Your new cover should match the size of your chair. An important note for you who use a patterned motif, look at your chair throughout. Once you have finished close the cover on the back, check pattern on the front and sides of chair. Make sure it is appropriate and symmetrical pattern so that existing designs on the fabric does not mess. If the already finished with the pattern, stitch the edges of chair so that the fabric remains neat and not frayed.

So for the conclusion, there are 8 steps to reupholster dining chair :

  1. Remove the Seats from the Chair.
  2. Remove the Old Fabric
  3. The New Material
  4. Attaching the New Material
  5. Attaching the Corners
  6. Adding Piping Around the Edge
  7. Attaching the Cover
  8. The Final Product

Make sure the cover fabric is ready, then you can do the last stage in reupholster your kitchen chairs. Replace your chair frame and do it slowly.

Dining Room Color Design Ideas

Color is one of the elements that can affect the human psyche and mood. The blue color gives a calming effect, yellow color induce a feeling cheerful and optimistic, green colors bring a refreshing impression. Therefore choosing of color in the dining room should be carefully and thoroughly so it will not make you a bad mood. Do not make a mistake when you choose what color would you use it.

Many vintage dining room has bright color. White, Soft Brown, light grey is the color that is often used. If your dining room using this style, vintage dining room. Try to combine bright colors and dark color. Paint the walls of your dining room with white or light brown combine with dark brown color on the chairs and tables. You can also add a little pattern on the chair. For the cuteness, add white cover on the chair.

If you prefer a lighter color try to combine bright yellow color with white and black. Use yellow color for your walls, black chairs and white for the table. This Three Color combination gives cheerful feeling, ideal if you have a kid. Add decoration with a dark color on your walls is a good idea. Bright colors on the walls will make the decoration look good and more obvious because it has contrasting colors.

As an alternative coloring, use the color red. This is quite unique because it is the anti maintream color. Few people are using this color because they think this color too “crowded”. But I think it’s not bad idea to use red as the dominant color in your dining room. Red symbolizes passion and this is great for your mood. We can get the mood during we eating, it’s a wonderful thing, is’nt it?. Combine your red color with a bright color such as white color. You can give white linen on the dining table. Dining chairs can use the color brown and white color as ornamen or pattern. Give the accessories around the dining room with a white color in order to look more lively.