Kitchen Bar and Counter Stools Design

A normal stool in the kitchen maybe not good enough for you, now you can add a little art, character, texture, and color by replacing your kitchen stool with kitchen bar stool. Make your kitchen stool beautiful as possible with elegant colors and modern styles. So besides a place to sit in a comfortable chair you also give the value of art.

Gallery Of Bar Stools Counter Height Target

Finest Kitchen Bar Stools Counter Height

Imagine you are sitting in a beautiful stool bar by your family or close friends to enjoy a glass of wine. It would have been nice if the stool bar and the counter that you use using an elegant and modern design.

Elegant Bar Stools Counter Height Leather

Speaking on a chair, certainly not out of a desire to relax your feet under the counter. So, you must pay attention to the details of the height of the bar stool. Do not be too short or too tall. Standard counter with bar stool seize availabe are counter height, table height, bar height, and extra tall.

Counter Height
Counter Height is often used in restaurants. His style is smaller than the other counter makes this counter is perfect paired with wooden chairs combined by leather for the coating surface. The height of about 24-26 inches and can accommodate surface height 36-39 inches

Table Height
Has a shorter height than counter height. The high range between 18-23 inches and can accommodate the height of the surface of 28 to 30 inches. Because of the design is not too high so its very suitable in dining room. We can use it for everyday needs such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner with family.

Bar Height
As with counter height, we can see the bar height in a variety of restaurants and bars. This design is perfect paired by high metal chair by a flat surface and small. So it will look elegant and modern. Height slightly higher than the two types above, this go 28-30 inches and suitable for bars with a surface height of 40 to 42 inches.

Extra High
Has the highest design of all types. Height reaches 33-36 inches is perfect when paired with a counter that has 44-47 inches high. High metal Stool design fits perfectly with this style.

Do not forget the distance between your stool, do not be too narrow so crowded when we sit down. 6 inches is the distance that is quite fitting for stool without arms. You can give more space if going to stool with arms.Use of materials from best material so if we are going to combine two or three materials will not any damage occurred. Make sure to place the Stool Bar and Counter in a suitable place, if you only have a small space don’t use types armchair. Colors should be correspond to state of the kitchen. The Stool color bar and the counter must be blended, or if you want another style, use of color and contrast on the counter stool.

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