Best 10 of Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas

Makes kitchen storage should have to conform with the place and also the type of kitchen storage itself. To get the maximum kitchen storage can be done by using the Tips Making Best Storage Kitchen Ideas.

Use of the kitchen is really going to make your kitchen tidy and shining. Dilemma of a messy kitchen can be resolved. To get all that you have proper to choose the kind of kitchen storage that suits your kitchen.

Type of kitchen storage must be appropriate and in accordance with the state of the kitchen. Do not make the kind of kitchen storage that requires large room for your small kitchen. Selection of kitchen storage is the most important thing. There are 10 types of kitchen storage that is very popular. 10 This type of kitchen storage can you make reference to your kitchen. They include: costume pantry, corner drawer, Utensil drawer, under sink drawer, pull-out trash can, Cookie sheet drawer, appliance garage, deep cabinet organizer, rolling cabinet, and spice storage.

Costum Pantry

The model is simple and easy to use. The design is very useful for those who do not like complicated. Make a storage kitchen that have door that allows to see the entire pantry at the same time. The design is suitable for lovers who want see everything all in one place.

Corner Drawer

Narrow room is not a problem anymore. Kitchen storage that use this type of corner drawer allows owners kitchen with a small room can get maximum results. Placement of storage in the kitchen corner is very effective, does not take up much space but efficient.

Utensil Drawer

Lay hidden kitchen appliance saves space. Design kitchen storage which “hide the” equipment in an organized manner in the cabinet is suitable for those of you who want to maximize the room the kitchen. The room looks more spacious because all the equipment is in storage, but highly utilitarian, access to kitchen utensils. Neat placement becomes an important point in this design.

Undersink Drawer

Your Drawer want to look cleaner and more spacious. You can put your kitchen equipment in the bottom drawer. Design like this can be easily found in many kitchens, simple design and uncomplicated be one of the reasons. This application uses every inch of space that would normally be lost around a sink.

Pullout trash can

keeps trash concealed inside your kitchen cabinet. You can easily glides out the garbage bin from the cabinet. Put a trash bucket with a size of approximately 45 cm sehingg easy to remove it withut hitting the table. Add plastic and double seam to avoid rips and tears.

Cookie Sheet Drawer

Don’t worry if you dont have enough space to make a drawer. Try to add wood or metal dividers to the cabinet.This design will make you look presentable equipment for laying the tool kitchen separated according to type. Storing pans, spoon, fork, makes so much more sense than stacking them one on top of the other.

Appliance Garage

Appliance garages in a kitchen cabinet is a good way to keep these items accessible yet out of sight. Make sure to plan for multiple electrical outlets and have them installed prior to the cabinet installation. This design make your blender, toaster and mixer nearby but out of sight.

Deep Cabinet Organizer

Don’t be upset if you do not have room for a walk in pantry. Deep cabinet organizer
maybe can be your solution. This design very easy to reach because the have storage not only in the inside but also on the door or any other place. Keeping your cabinets and pantry tidy is easy and affordable with the endless storage options.

Rolling cabinet

Design is perfect for small spaces. The narrow kitchen and a shortage of places very compatible with this desgin. It is suitable also for those of you who have a kitchen island because rooling cabinet can Acting as both counter and storage.

Spice storage

Keeping spices organised and close at hand is good reference for your kitchen. Turn the spices like chili, paprika, saffron, etc into decoration by using jars with clear lids. Label the lid in order to be eased when they want to take it. Beautify design by providing a different color on each lid.

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