Reupholster Dining Room Chairs

You want a new chair for your kitchen? you want to enhance your kitchen chairs? You want a new style on your chair but with a low cost ?. Reupholstering chairs kitchen is the answer to it all. Solutions to get the “new chairs” with a better design without the cost of expensive. Creating your old chair to be more comfortable, more fresh, and of course make a new atmosphere for your room.

The first thing that must be considered in reupholster is to determine the patterns and designs on chair. Make sure the design you are using patterned or solid colors only. You can visited a fabric store or shopping online to get the fabric that suits your taste. Make sure the fabric you use later in accordance with the theme of the room. Do not forget the size of the fabric you need, if you buy at the store then it does not matter because they will help you get the right size.

Prepare tools that will support to reupholster your chair. Hammer, screwdriver, nails, measuring tape, staples, etc. After determining which fabric you will use to reupholster your old chair, the preparation was completed. Remove the fabrics attached to your chair, do not forget to remove the screw that is on chair. Notice also the existing frame in your chair, if it is still good then continue but if the frame has been ugly and not worth, better you do repainted and repairs.

The next phase is to check your padding. Padding with bad condition it is not comfortable to sit on. Replace it with a new batting. thick batting is a good idea for you because you will get a softer chair. Use a stapler to fasten batting, you can use a glue but is not recommended because it is easily loose if using glue. If the batting is mounted to cover cut liner chair according to the size of your batting. To more easily adjust the size of your new cover with the size of your old cover.

Your new cover should match the size of your chair. An important note for you who use a patterned motif, look at your chair throughout. Once you have finished close the cover on the back, check pattern on the front and sides of chair. Make sure it is appropriate and symmetrical pattern so that existing designs on the fabric does not mess. If the already finished with the pattern, stitch the edges of chair so that the fabric remains neat and not frayed.

So for the conclusion, there are 8 steps to reupholster dining chair :

  1. Remove the Seats from the Chair.
  2. Remove the Old Fabric
  3. The New Material
  4. Attaching the New Material
  5. Attaching the Corners
  6. Adding Piping Around the Edge
  7. Attaching the Cover
  8. The Final Product

Make sure the cover fabric is ready, then you can do the last stage in reupholster your kitchen chairs. Replace your chair frame and do it slowly.

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