Country Kitchen Design Ideas in The Last Year

Country kitchen design is an option for people who like the warm, comfortable, and cozy. Who are the people who do not like to spend time to relax while eating a meal in the kitchen charming and warm where guests will feel welcome and want to spend plenty of time. Surely you want to explore a range of options for country kitchen design.

Country kitchen design dominant with wood-based material. Rustic and Clasisc style is very pronounced in this kitchen. Country kitchen style focus on natural materials, so do not be surprised if the wood is the best material. All furniture such as chairs tables, cabinets often made of carved wood. You can find artisans who hand-make their wares or you can buy it at a vintage shop. Materials commonly used are of cherry, maple, oak, and pine. but according to our advice, Pine is the best option for the country kitchen.  Wood is needed in this country must be made of the best quality and the pine is one of them. the material that makes durable and provide an artistic engraving is the reason we recommend Pine became the basic ingredient in any materials in this country kitchen.

A combine of Shaker and farmhouse traditions, Complete your kitchen with a farmhouse sink and furniture-style cabinetry. You can try to make the cabinet from glass materal, wall of glass front cabinets and two big windows over the sink its make look very beautiful. With this style the sunlight could streaming into this country kitchen easily.

Country kitchen design also has another characteristic that the room is bright and open. You can choose a plain white color for fans of neutrals. The color brown and yellow is also the right choice because these colors look warm. You can also add blue, green, or red accents in the kitchen to make it more personality.

As the heart of the home, the kitchen has a rustic style perfectly suited to the style country kitchen. Addition island and extra storage is the right choice. Moreover the room is definitely country-based frequently visited, therefore design as open shelving design style is very suitable. Featuring a variety of tools such as plates, bowls, cups or various recipe books will add artistic value to the country kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color

You saturated with the atmosphere of your kitchen. Forget spending a lot of money just to renovate the kitchen. Try to something more simple, paint your cabinets. Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color ideas is one trick to relieve the boredom of the kitchen design and will also provide the artistic value in your kitchen.Cabinets take up much space in the kitchen and of course will be the focus when we go into the kitchen. Do not let you get bored because of the color of the cabinet is not in accordance with your wishes.

Perfect Kitchen Paint Color Ideas And Pictures

Excellent Paint Color Ideas For Kitchen Table

Amazing Kitchen Paint Color Ideas With Green Countertops

One option to select a color is visiting various manufacturers of paint and choose an appropriate color. You can choose a color palette that matches your taste, so you can narrow the choice of colors. Please keep in mind, the color selection is very important because when you have to decide a suitable color then we are halfway in updating your kitchen cabinet.

There are many colors that can be used in your cabinets. Before determining the color you use, take a look at other items. Pay attention to color of the walls, countertops, and cooking equipment. If your room already full color you should use neutral colors in your cabinets. White and Gray is the right choice. The white color will give the effect of light and the room look more spacious. The white color will make other dark-colored equipment also will look brighter. If you have a lot of family and have lots of kids so that will be a lot of activities that will pollute your walls, then choose gray. Neutral colors will give you the freedom to combine to warn others.

If you prefer to play color and tend to like bold colors. Try yellow, orange and pink. Theye are a bold color that makes your kitchen more cheerful and not monotonous. Try combining with stainless steel or wood.

Dark colors like red and blue could be another option in choosing colors bolder. Bold colors more suited to the kitchen which has a large size. So if you want to applied it to small kitchen, be sure to balance color between the cabinet with your wall. To be sure the owners of small kitchen to better use neutral colors that make the room more spacious.

Kitchen Paint Color Ideas

Choosing paint colors for the kitchen could spend a long time because the color in the kitchen greatly affect our mood. Kitchen Paint color make diferences of your choice in kitchen style. The red color is synonymous with warm colors have an effect giving the appetite to the viewer because basically red color can stimulate human nerve. Of course this color is suitable for application in your kitchen. Red also increases the circulation of blood and itself.
Start your day with a delicious and nutritious breakfast, start your day from the kitchen. Start the day with great energy, and start giving the white color on your kitchen as white energize a room. The color is bright and clean gives an aura of freedom and openness. In addition it also creates the impression of a sterile white. However, too much white can give a lot of headaches and eyestrain because the reflected light. Give a combination of dark colors to give a new accent.

Fabulous Favorite Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Stunning Houzz Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors

Incridible Two Tone Dining Room Color Ideas

Gray is a neutral color which is very convenient for application in your kitchen wall. Gray also provide a sense of comfort and cozy, although basically gray is the cool color categories. Combination of gray color or black and white is perfect and eye-catching. You can add a cabinet or countertop with a slightly darker color as a sweetener color. It could also be the opposite, use gray as various cabinet and here you are. it’s also not a bad idea.

The blue color is highly recommended for ceilings and walls of the kitchen. Blue also has an effect similar to a red color that stimulates the appetite. The blue color gives the effect of calm and refreshing. This color also improve verbal expression, communication, artistic expression and strength. Strong blue (dark blue) will stimulate clear thinking and light blue will calm the mind and helps concentration. If you choose a dark blue as the dominant color of your kitchen, turn white or other bright colors to offset the deep blue color.

Incridible Country Kitchen Colors 2013

Green is also the best choice for your kitchen. Green is considered a calming and relaxing color. This color can help people who often feel tense. Green will balance the emotions, creating openness between you and others. This color is also associated with the heart chakra that is believed to help emotional problems, such as love, trust, and compassion. The green color is perfect in combination with white color and material from wooden.

Finest Country Kitchen Themes And Colors

Yellow is very suitable for those who have a small room. Yellow has the influence to provide peace and make people feel comfortable and happy in the kitchen. The opposite of red and blue, the yellow color is synonymous with hunger. Yellow is a bright color that can attract a lot of attention. Yellow color stimulates various body functions, such as the flow of bile and the workings of the heart.

You can see a picture of paint color kitchen more in our gallery. Please go to our gallery for more pictures.

Kitchen Organizing Tips and Secret

As we all know the kitchen is the heart of the house so it is not surprising that a place frequented visited. Neatness and regularity of the kitchen is certainly very concerned in this case. Kitchen Organizing is very important to keep the heart of our house looks neat and eye-catching. Placement of plates, cups, pans, and another utensil cook should be in place by order of a neat and orderly.

We have some tips and trick to oraganizing your kitchen in order to make neat and beautiful. This solutions make your life in the kitchen better. Lets take a look some Kitchen Oraginizing that inspire you to make your kitchen more more neat and absolutely amazing. There are some ideas for kitchen organizing.

Kitchen Diner Storage Ideas

Kmart Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen Storage Ideas For Corners

Country Kitchen Storage Ideas

Contain Lids
First idea for kitchen organizing is contain lids. Do not let loose rack, keep it neat and grouped according to its kind dishes and pans.Cookbooks Space. Put cookbook on open shelves to add artistic value to your kitchen. Placing a cookbook on open shelves is okay as long as it is not exposed to oil from the stove or water and moist.

Hang aprons, towels, pot holders, at stake to make your kitchen organizing design better. For safety, do not hang some untensil here, certainly very uncomfortable to seen aprons and pot in one place. isn’t it?

Categorize Food
Adjust your diet as well as set up a book. Set by type or purpose so it would be easy to determine which foods we shall serve.

Cooking Zone

Create a cooking zone around the stove, storing pots and pans as close to the range as possible. Store Items by Use. Store food based on daily usage. Set the kitchen and cabinet based on frequency of use. Put the herbs and everyday dishes in special shelves within easy reach.

Light it Right
Use the light to make your room look more clear and clean no exception under cabinets, between the drawers, and other dark places. make sure all the places to get enough lighting.

Group Similar Objects
Objects grouped by purpose, making it easier when you want to take it. Put on specific cabinets, racks, or cabinet.

Tools Efficiently
Combine several important tools such as spoons, forks, knives, etc to make it easier when you want to achieve it and not waste time when we wanted to cook.

Plastic Containers
Plastic plates, plastic cups, plastic cups and a variety of other plastic equipment is better put together in order to stay to keep them readily locatable.

Install Shelf Organizers
You can create a variety of shelf according to your wishes but sliding shelf is the best idea. Sliding shelf makes it easy to access if you frequently use it

Divide Drawer
Make a separator in your drawer. Making it easier to choose the items you want to use, and of course you do not need to search all of your drawer to get the goods you want.

Declutter Counters
Declutter kitchen counters by hanging calendar, menu, a data list and a variety of other things on the wall.

Think Double Duty
For no-fuss buffet service, present cutlery to guests in mugs or small pitchers.

Color Code Kitchenware

Use color as a marker of your equipment. For example red for the pot, blue for glass that will add an artistic value in your kitchen.

Use Baskets
Use of wicker baskets to put a variety of snacks or fruit. This is another solution for open shelving.

See-Through Storage
Make it a snap for our children to grab snacks on the go with see through wire baskets.

Deep Cabinet Style
As well as deep cabinet organizer, place a variety of herbs or eat in the cabinet and also on the door. For those of you who do not enough space for a walk-in pantry, this is a very good idea.

Roll in a Cart
Narrow rooms or less land is not a problem anymore. put your various cooking utensils on a roll, this mugkin can assist you in finding extra space.

Hang Pots and Pans
Simple and traditional way. If you do not have the space and want to find a place that is easy to reach then hang your equipment.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Kitchen transforming challenge entails coordinating a wide range of trades that should cooperate to finish the job. If you’re embarking on a full-scale renovation, you’ll seemingly work with a normal contractor or remodeler, cupboard installers, equipment specialists, plumbers, electricians and an inside designer or kitchen designer that orchestrates the planning of the house and execution of the challenge. You may even interact an engineer and an architect. It’s possible you’ll select an impartial designer/agency, or work immediately with a vendor that sells cupboards or home equipment and may present a kitchen designer to assist plan your challenge.

Excellent L-shaped Kitchen Design Ideas

What’s most necessary to know is a kitchen renovation isn’t any weekend-warrior challenge. It might take a number of weeks or months to finish. Due to the time, expertise and funding required to finish a kitchen transform, most householders are finest off hiring professionals.

“Most individuals don’t work on their very own automobiles—they don’t restore them or change the oil, however with all the home-DIY (media), individuals assume they will put in a door the place it didn’t exist or set up a kitchen,” says Brad Burgin, Burgin Development Inc. in North Tustin, Calif.

The true bummer of taking up a challenge that exceeds your skillset: You possibly can find yourself spending extra to get the job performed. You possibly can undergo the ache of demolition, the stress of selecting supplies, the labor of putting in merchandise—and find yourself hiring knowledgeable to repair errors. Or, the ultimate outcomes could also be lower than passable.

That stated, there are some projects you can do yourself, relying in your consolation stage. However depart the full-scale kitchen renovation to the professionals.

Selecting a Undertaking Supervisor

You don’t wish to rent simply anybody to handle your kitchen challenge. You desire a seasoned professional with correct credentials, licensing, insurance coverage and, in fact, concepts and sources.

So who’s in cost? That relies upon fully on the scope of your challenge and whether or not you opted to work with an impartial designer or a vendor/designer (from a producer’s showroom, for instance). A normal contractor, inside designer or architect might act because the lead/challenge supervisor—or it’s possible you’ll coordinate the challenge your self and work with every commerce.

Within the case of a normal contractor, this individual manages the crew of subcontractors and serves as your point-person all through the challenge. He/she is going to talk with the architect or inside designer and the kitchen designer. “Nice group expertise, budgeting, follow-up and other people expertise are hallmarks of a very good challenge supervisor,” says Roberta Baeur-Kravette, AP, AKBD and director of Nieuw Amsterdam Kitchens in New York, N.Y.

The No. 1 individual at all times concerned in a big kitchen renovation is an skilled kitchen designer, says Ellen Rady, president, Ellen Rady Designs, Cleveland, Ohio. Ask to see this individual’s portfolio, call their references and inquire about certifications.

“The kitchen continues to be one of many largest investments we make, and plenty of occasions it should promote a house,” Rady says. “A kitchen of high quality has an ideal format, and that designer can provide you with a format that you just won’t have even considered as a result of that’s what they do.”

Even when you resolve to tackle a few of the kitchen challenge your self—say you rent knowledgeable to handle the plumbing and electrical work, however you intend to put the tile and paint—a kitchen designer can refer you to a dependable useful resource.

The A-Crew

Your kitchen renovation challenge would require a band of execs—tradespeople, designer(s) and somebody to supervise the challenge (aside from you). For one, be certain the individual heading up your renovation challenge is properly certified and has a strong fame. The identical guidelines of hiring a contractor apply, and within the case of designers, you’ll wish to know what certifications they maintain. Ask household, pals, neighbors and associates for suggestions. A glowing advice from a trusted supply goes a good distance.

So, what’s the best kitchen renovation crew? That relies upon fully on the scope of your challenge. Bauer-Kravette recommends kitchen crew embrace a Licensed Kitchen Designer (CKD) or Affiliate Kitchen & Tub Designer (AKBD) to make sure the design, configuration, home equipment, counters and backsplash are one of the best worth for the finances and long-term objectives. A licensed electrician and plumber also needs to be concerned. “One fireplace or flood and your new renovation is the least of your loss,” Bauer-Kravette says.

Listed below are a handful of key commerce professionals concerned in a kitchen renovation challenge:

Electrician. Any job that might end in a hearth or flood is a job for knowledgeable. Certain, you possibly can set up a brand new lighting fixture your self (relying in your ability stage), however keep away from placing in a brand new electrical outlet or can lights or different extra complicated jobs until you’re schooled within the commerce. “Generally, fridges and ovens require that is in a sure, precise spot and it might should be moved from its current place,” says Lori Carroll, president, Lori Carroll & Associates, Tucson, Ariz.

Plumber. Not each house owner feels snug putting in a brand new dishwasher—and even attaching new faucet . In case you put money into skilled grade home equipment, why take the prospect of putting in them improperly? Many kitchen renovation jobs require plumbing work that extends past equipment set up, and these jobs needs to be reserved for the professionals.

Tile skilled. It’s possible you’ll resolve to put in your individual tile ground or backsplash, and you may lease tools to chop tiles from a house enchancment retailer. However contemplate the tilework within the general scope of the challenge: In case you’re investing in high-end home equipment and customized cabinetry, is it well worth the minimal saved (and time spent) to put in tile your self? “There’s nothing worse than strolling right into a kitchen the place the ground is about crooked since you tried to save cash,” Rady says.

Stable floor fabricator. Belief the supply of your granite or different strong floor for set up experience. The corporate will measure for counter tops and set up them in accordance with specs. “They measure the realm, they make sure that the floor goes in and has the correct edge element and that it’s honed or polished and sealed,” Carroll says.

U-Shaped Kitchen Remodel Design Ideas

At the moment’s U-shaped kitchens have begun to include a peninsula because the third “wall,” making a extra informal ambiance that may even enable for pub-style eating with stools. Giant U-shaped kitchens have additionally begun to accommodate a kitchen island, creating galley fashion walkways on both facet of the island. The kitchen island is very useful for meals preparation or storing massive home equipment in cupboards beneath.U-shaped kitchens are sometimes a choice of house owners with a bigger kitchen area; they require three adjoining partitions, and many owners use the area within the center to characteristic a kitchen island, good for meals preparation and additional storage. Due to their bigger design and opulent utility, U-shaped kitchen layouts are favorites of house owners on the lookout for a big, useful and enticing kitchen area that can be utilized for cooking and cleansing in addition to for dialog and gathering.

Modern Kitchen Designs U Shaped

Whenever you begin researching widespread kitchen layouts, the time period “work triangle” is prone to come up time and again. This mantra of kitchen structure design refers back to the triangular spacing that creates a handy relationship between three key parts of any kitchen: the range, sink and fridge. Virtually all kitchen layouts will characteristic some model of the work triangle—and you have to be a bit leery of any that do not (and have a contractor on pace dial). The underside line is that no cook dinner needs to beat an inconvenient (and doubtlessly disastrous and even harmful throughout meal preparation) path from range to sink to fridge. So even in case you’re contemplating a novel structure to your U-shaped kitchen design, you need to undoubtedly make each effort to take care of the work triangle.

An indicator of U-shaped kitchen design is its full use of three adjoining partitions. Different kitchen designs—like L-shapes and galley kitchens, for instance—use solely two partitions. This may occasionally, in some circumstances, enhance the effectivity of those designs—in a galley kitchen, which consists of two parallel partitions with a slender hall between them, cooks might merely must pivot 180 levels so as to entry cooking options, then do an about-face to show their consideration to cleansing. The drawback of galley or L-shaped kitchens compared to U-shaped kitchens, in fact, comes all the way down to area. U-shaped kitchens by their nature typically are bigger and supply extra space for cooking, cleansing, meals preparation and storage. In most U-shaped kitchens, these parts are separated into distinct zones.

Typically, the cleansing options of a U-shaped kitchen will likely be situated on the external-facing wall—or the “backside of the U.” One aspect wall will typically be devoted to cooking options—the vary and some other smaller ovens will typically be situated right here. This aspect wall may also often characteristic storage parts within the type of cupboards and drawers. The alternative aspect wall will typically characteristic extra storage, together with the fridge, freezer and some other meals storage parts.

As with all kitchen structure, you will need to contemplate the place of home equipment and counter tops. As an illustration, a dishwasher ought to be positioned subsequent to or close to the sink for straightforward loading, and built-in microwaves usually have a countertop floor above or beneath for making ready meals.

Colours and textures might be present in nice selection with U-shaped kitchen designs. Select mild maple cupboards with a impartial marble countertop and partitions with daring mint inexperienced tiles. You too can select cozy English-style white cupboards paired with mild wooden flooring and grey granite counter tops.

Design of Pendant Light for Kitchen

Heat up your kitchen with kitchen lighting. Cooking with the dark situation is a bad idea. Use light as the lighting as well as accessories that will add to the beauty of your kitchen. Pendant lighting is very popular at the moment because beside its very elegant also becoming fascinating works of art. With beautiful design of the pendant light that the offer, your lighthing need not look boring anymore. Styles, elegant, awesome that’s the proper words describe this design. Now, you can look above your kitchen with a proud and large smile because that beautiful pendant light was here.

Beautiful Dining Room Chandelier Makeover

Good Dining Room With Orb Chandelier

Pendant light not only works at night because they not only provide lighting. Lighting was the main functions of the light but with a pendant light, uniqueness and artistic of the pendant itself is an important point. In the daytime you can see the beauty of this pendant light, light coming in through the vents and into pendant light refracted thereby providing an incredible magic effect.

Good Formal Dining Room Chandeliers

Using pendant light must be pay attention with material and kind of the kitchen. Sleek and stylish pendant lights very suitable with metallic material such as aluminium. They can give more effect because its will be shiny.Your contemporary Kitchen wil be amazing if you combine pendant lighting with wood floor and white color of kitchen’s wall. Also adding the glass front upper cabinet and textured backsplash. Please consider the size of your kitchen. Do not just put a pendant light carelessly. if you have a small kitchen, not too much put on pendant light. 2 pendant lamp light enough for the size of this.

Pendant light is mandatory for the modern kitchen. Since pendant light can add a sense of “modern” design. They can turn an old and empty room into a more modern and beautiful. Additional accessories and decoration will be very useful to make your kitchen design more complete.

Kitchen Bar and Counter Stools Design

A normal stool in the kitchen maybe not good enough for you, now you can add a little art, character, texture, and color by replacing your kitchen stool with kitchen bar stool. Make your kitchen stool beautiful as possible with elegant colors and modern styles. So besides a place to sit in a comfortable chair you also give the value of art.

Gallery Of Bar Stools Counter Height Target

Finest Kitchen Bar Stools Counter Height

Imagine you are sitting in a beautiful stool bar by your family or close friends to enjoy a glass of wine. It would have been nice if the stool bar and the counter that you use using an elegant and modern design.

Elegant Bar Stools Counter Height Leather

Speaking on a chair, certainly not out of a desire to relax your feet under the counter. So, you must pay attention to the details of the height of the bar stool. Do not be too short or too tall. Standard counter with bar stool seize availabe are counter height, table height, bar height, and extra tall.

Counter Height
Counter Height is often used in restaurants. His style is smaller than the other counter makes this counter is perfect paired with wooden chairs combined by leather for the coating surface. The height of about 24-26 inches and can accommodate surface height 36-39 inches

Table Height
Has a shorter height than counter height. The high range between 18-23 inches and can accommodate the height of the surface of 28 to 30 inches. Because of the design is not too high so its very suitable in dining room. We can use it for everyday needs such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner with family.

Bar Height
As with counter height, we can see the bar height in a variety of restaurants and bars. This design is perfect paired by high metal chair by a flat surface and small. So it will look elegant and modern. Height slightly higher than the two types above, this go 28-30 inches and suitable for bars with a surface height of 40 to 42 inches.

Extra High
Has the highest design of all types. Height reaches 33-36 inches is perfect when paired with a counter that has 44-47 inches high. High metal Stool design fits perfectly with this style.

Do not forget the distance between your stool, do not be too narrow so crowded when we sit down. 6 inches is the distance that is quite fitting for stool without arms. You can give more space if going to stool with arms.Use of materials from best material so if we are going to combine two or three materials will not any damage occurred. Make sure to place the Stool Bar and Counter in a suitable place, if you only have a small space don’t use types armchair. Colors should be correspond to state of the kitchen. The Stool color bar and the counter must be blended, or if you want another style, use of color and contrast on the counter stool.

Kitchen Remodel Design

One of place that most often family gather was kitchen. The place to sharing information, joking, and absolutelty to enjoy a delicious meal. Its very important to make kitchen more cozy with change the layout and remodeling. Creative Remodel kitchen is one of conclution to upgrade your kitchen to be more comfortable and good looking. Remodeling kitchen has to do with creative idea in order to make a amazing design. Function of kitchen in begining just for function but lately kitchen built it for comfort. Its a chalenge to you to make kitchen make more comfortble and more creative so it can be enjoyed by out family.
A kitchen with a alot of peaple is more interisting to enjoy the meal. More welcoming kitchen will make it easier to host and maybe make a dinners with larger scale parties for extended family and friends. Material selection and arrangement of quiptment is something that we must underline to be make a creative kitchen remodel.

If we have a small space kitchen, we can use it with system “work triangle” which is focus in three point such as refrigator, sink, and stove. That give efficiency and effectivity in minimal steps between the various components.
On creative remodel kitchen there are some elemen that shuldbe consider such as additional of storage and space. That was very important especially for kitchen that has small space. Adding storage, space, and surface can be via kitchen island or other storage option. If you want to adding kitchen island to your kitchen maybe is more simple because portable kitchen island are widely availabe. So, we must very selective in choosing design in order to make e creative kitchen remodel like we wanted.

Planning a Make Best Place to Your Outdoor Kitchen

This day an outdoor kitchen is most popular design kitchen especially if you like a barbecue party, it seem amazing if you applied an outdoor kitchen to your own kitchen. Just Imagine you have an outdoor kitchen and make barbecue party with pool as center of your party. I think that is a better style to combining outdoor kitchen with pool. Your house like supply for the culinary station.

Cool Planning Your Outdoor Kitchen

Awesome Kitchen Outdoor Cabinets

Elegance Kitchen Outdoor Ideas

So, you can have a kitchen that has a great design in your outdoor cooking and entertaining process. Compared your existing backyard and your design outdoor kitchen, how it will look.

Make sure your kitchen is comfortable when you cooking. You can add an attached pergola or another overhand structure to cover from rain and snow. But if you add the roof ensure it is near the end in order to smoke will be trapped. Make your kitchen facing a north wall instead of a warmer south facing wall.

For save the space you have to eliminate wasted steps. Think carefully where you will put your kitchen item. The plate, glass, bowls maybe can you place on the cabinet. Don’t put outside because it will be dirty. Remember to keep clean all kitchen’s tool because it is easly soiled. Also notice where is you put the cooktop. Keep the cooktop from the kids, don’t put on the traffic in order to the kids not cause spills when running throught.

For the safety from fire make sure yout heat producing equiptment must at least 10 feet from the house. The Kitchen should get adequate lighting. Do not make the kitchen look dark and creepy, it was very uncomfortable.